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Corporate profile

Corporate profile

Company name

Founded March 20, 1994
Established May 20, 1998


Honei Chin
Capital 48 million yen
Head office

Ustron Taito Bldg. 1-22-4 Taito, Taito-Ku, Tokyo 110-0016, Japan

Phone No.: 03-5812-1811 (main phone number) FAX No.: 03-5812-3663

Business activities
  1. Manufacture and sale of optical thin-film vapor deposition materials
  2. Manufacture and sale of fused and synthetic quartz glass products and processed products using these materials
  3. Import, export and sale of special metal materials
  4. Import, export and sale of materials for electronic parts, electric equipment and apparatus and data
  5. Import, export and sale of image measurement equipment, optical machinery and apparatus, chemical machinery and apparatus and special analytical equipment
  6. Import, export and sale of metallic minerals, fine ceramics materials and industrial chemicals and samples
  7. All activities associated with the above
Licenses General distribution of poisonous substances and deleterious substances
Affiliated factories Fujian Acetron New Materials Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Feilihua Ustron Technology Co.,Ltd.
Affiliated company Shanghai Emcron New Material Science And Technology Ltd.


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Corporate profile

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